Big China comes through

 Larger than life!
Water, water everywhere. Hooked Publisher Kevin Stobbe and I were out with contributor Garther Cheung yesterday on Lake Winnipeg. Cheung, known as "Big China!" in Manitoba fish circles, has become addicted to angling. This past season he fished 10 tournaments on the Central Walleye Trail, finishing the top ten in a number of them. With his big smile and infectious laugh he is also one of the most popular figures in competitive fishing circles. When he offered to take Kevin and I out on the big lake for a day of fishing, we jumped at the chance. It was a gorgeous day, temperatures in the low teens with a slight breeze from the southwest just providing a bit of a ripple on this mighty body of water. Also out for the day was guide Matt Cornell and his friend Michelle.

Both Garther and Matt kept in contact by cell, sharing information on the bite.  What a bite it was!.
While Matt and Michelle caught two Master Angler walleye, we kept coming up a bit short. However after landing over a 100 walleye that day, who cared! We landed enough fish in the 25 inch range to make it a spectacular day. Kevin was the hot hand, with over 60 walleye landed on his own, all on a pink jig with a bent hook. This was caused trying to get it out of the mouth of 25 inch walleye earlier in the day.  We finally called it quits at 4 in afternoon after going through 5 tubs of salted shiners.

Thanks Big China for an awesome day.

 Never a dull moment with Garther!