Red River is starting to heat up!

It’s almost a week ago that the walleye starting showing up in numbers on the Red River from the main lake to Lockport. While anglers fishing closer to the lake have been having success for about two weeks, in the last few days with the lousy weather those fish have moved up to the traditional areas closer to the locks. Stretches of river like “Doc Reeds”, the Power Plant and the “Miracle Mile”, legendary over the years for their mind numbing catches of green hued walleye.  Over the last few years the run has started a bit later, usually the first week in October. It looks like this year that will be right on the money. I fish this fall run every year and some are better than others. Lately though, it seems the arrival and departure of the fish lasts only about two weeks. So when you hear the fish have arrived you need to be ready to get the boat in the water.  With the Thanksgiving long weekend coming up it should be a busy place.
Make sure you dress warm with cooler temperatures and rain forecast, which should only improve the bite…might be an anchor bite though. Heavy jigs and salted shiners will get the job done.