Tobin Lake Monster!

Big walleyes continue to roll!

 Ken Barr with a Tobin Lake monster!
As water temperature continue to plummet, big fish are moving into current areas as part of a real late fall run. The Saskatchewan River at Nipawin is finally turning on big time. Friend Boyd Holmen was out Saturday and his friend caught a beast that measured 89 centimetres which means just over 35 inches. WOW! Now that is a pretty special fish. It was caught on a Clackin Rap, (not a jig and minnow as previously reported) near the mouth as the river empties into the reservoir.  I managed to get out to the Red for two half days this past week. 

On Friday we boated two Master Angler walleye with Hooked Published Kevin Stobbe getting one 28 inches while I managed a good fish that was 29.5 inches. Current flow was stronger Friday, and for the first hour it was dragging my anchor. Now that is not easy, because I have a substantial one. Still it worked out well because it pushed us out in the main river channel by Doc Reeds in 18 feet of water. This is where we caught three of our bigger fish. The stronger current had pushed them out tight to the drops on the channel. We once again used fairly heavy jigs to keep contact with the bottom Water temperature had fallen six degrees Fahrenheit since I fished Monday, with a
temperature of 43.6 Fahrenheit. We found the bite quite a bit slower so I am not sure how much longer it will last. At this time of the year I usually make the extra hour drive and head to Pine Falls. It has been really good this fall and usually gets even better at this time of year!