Part Four- Minnitaki Lake
Our final half day in Sioux Lookout was to be spent trolling in hopes of catching a trophy lake trout.  Ben Beattie really enjoys this challenge, knowing that on a good day, one or two fish is tops. We boated away from the main dock at Moosehorn Lodge at 7:14 that morning across Lost Lake to the entrance of Minnitaki Lake. This large body of water has a myriad of bays plus some large stretches of main lake basin, ideal habitat for lake trout to grow big.
This lake also holds some good smallmouth bass and a great population of walleye. As Ben pulled up to shoreline point, we started get our gear ready. On the inside rod, he hooked up a blue and white # 13 jointed Rapala. Jim Price got the middle rod going with a #7 Flicker Shad. Meantime I decided to go with a deep diver, a Rebel red headed woodpecker. Ben and I both used side planners to get our baits away from the boat. After four and a half hours of fishing we landed two pike and one walleye, but none of the big lake trout we were after. We did have one bite though that was probably a laker. Still when you are hunting trophy fish this is what you can expect.

IN SUMMARY:  Jim and I really enjoyed our five days this country. We were amazed with the amount of water available in one small area. It would take a life time to explore all of this water. In talking to Ben Beattie, he explained that is why he moved here from a high pressure job in southern Ontario.

Moosehorn Lodge is one of two lodges in the region that supply full time guides. And these guys are good, some of the best guides I have ever talked to. They fish full time, are knowledgeable and passionate. These guys will get you on fish or point you in the right direction.
The food and accommodation was also outstanding. Moosehorn has nine standalone cabins that accommodate any size of party. They also have top quality rental equipment if you want to strike out on your own.

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