Persse Lake Part Three

It was noon when Ryan Suffron and I decided to load up the boat from Laurie and head west back towards the edge of the Duck Mountains to Persse Lake. Located just to the east of Twin Lakes, the 132 acre lake was fully developed in 2010 to include a road, parking lot, launch area and hydro right of way. An aerator building is on site and this equipment keeps the lake alive during the long Manitoba winters.
This lake has a large population of both brown and brook trout. According to Suffron, because of a massive forage base, fish in this lake sometimes get lockjaw.
 Ryan working the shoreline
One thing he has learnt over the last three years fishing here is to fish a little deeper than most people would normally try. He says that’s because this lake has some great structure that will hold large pockets of fish.
 Ryan's box of flies...simple but effective
This is an electric motor only lake and only one fish can be kept and it must be under 18 inches. After launching the boat, we started to shoreline cast to a couple of fish we saw rising in amongst the flooded timber. Unfortunately Ryan broke off a big fish right after we got there, a bad omen for the afternoon.
On our second drift in a bit deeper water, a nice brown trout took my blue leech pattern. It was out in about 14 feet of water on the edge of a transition line between hard and soft bottom. After working the east shoreline for a couple of hours we moved over to a mud flat on the western side to try for brook trout. Immediately the fish finder lit up with large schools of fish holding from 11 to 17 feet on the side of the huge flat. We were out of the wind in this spot so Ryan slowly moved us in and out along the break with his back troll motor. We tried working all sections of the water column, but couldn’t land a fish. By four p.m a huge storm was seen on the horizon. We knew it  was time to leave.
 The deptfinder shows fish, now to catch them.
Persse Lake can be a tough puzzle to unlock, both with a large forage base and stained water. Managed by FLIPPR it should be a trophy lake for years to come.

Ryan rigging for the afternoon

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