Nestor Falls Crappies!

 Mike shows how it's done!
It was 1991 when I last visited Nestor Falls Ontario! Now that is a long stretch in anyone’s books but when I heard the crappies were back on the bite, I knew it was time to return. Friend Brent Kruger had lined up a two day trip with the owner of Sunset Cove Resort, Mike Gate. Mike and his wife Erin had purchased the resort three years ago, and have worked tirelessly to build up the business and update the resort and building. Located right on the shores of Sabaskong Bay, Mike has plowed a road down off his boat launch on the lake. He is out every day plowing the myriad of ice roads that lead to some of the best crappies fishing on Lake of the Woods. Back in 1991, the crappie fishing was tremendous, and Mike says the fishing has returned to that level.  Mike also rents out a number of heated ice shacks, making it real easy for anyone to enjoy the fishing, even if they don’t have the equipment required.

 On our first day there we explored large sections of the bay, first in two of his ice shacks, and then using our portables. While there was a fair bit of snow on the lake, Mike had a big blade on the front of his ¾ ton truck so access was not an issue. 
While the fishing was not hot and heavy, it was steady action and we had great fish fry that evening at Dave Walton’s, a friend of Mike’s who has made Nestor Falls his second home. I fished with Dave many years ago on Booster Lake before he sold his cabin there.  Dave said he was looking for something a little different and he and his wife Marnie love the new location. Brent and I really enjoyed our short time there and if you are interested in giving crappies a try visit Mike and Erin on their website at

They has also have a number of cabins open year round.