Ice reports are rolling in and most are positive!  For those wanting to fish big walleye on Lake Winnipeg, fish are being caught on the west side. Reports seem to indicate things a bit slower on the east side of the lake.
 Sun up on the big lake- Gene Collins Photo!
Ice anglers are driving on at Warner Road, which is just a half mile north of Chalet Beach Road. Conditions are smooth until you get out to the first ice ridge. There are a number of permanent ice shelters out there along the ridge. I was out on Sunday and we had okay success on numbers but no big fish were caught. A week earlier friend Jim Price had caught three master angler walleye.
Those fish didn’t seem to be around a week later. In the morning I caught all my fish except one up high in the water column. I was fishing next to the pressure ride and all the bait fish were high. These walleye would appear on my Humminbird 55 Ice Flasher at about 5 feet over 11 feet of water.  When I saw a little thicker red mark below them, I would reel up my small Rattlin Rapala to their level and give it a couple of subtle twitches. This seemed to do the trick earlier in the morning. When the activity level dropped off, I switched over to a small PK Spoon. Not using any bait, I would trigger bites the same way, just a subtle twitch just above their nose.
 Friend Gene Collins with some big green!

Just a note, from all reports, the action seems to be better in the afternoon. Friends Jim and Jan Collins managed to get over the ice ridge on snow machines a week ago and landed some nice fish, especially later in the day. They were using lipless crankbaits as well, including the Clackin Rap.

I have also been getting good reports from my friends from Carrot River about Tobin
 Boyd Holmen with Tobin Lake eye!
Lake. The walleye fishing has been real good on the big lake in 14 to 22 feet of water. Ice conditions are also good.