Great action on the big lake!

It has been a busy week on Lake Winnipeg as anglers take advantage of the warm weather. A couple different groups of friends were out this week, with both reporting excellent action for walleye. Jim Price found a way to get around the pressure ride on the west side near Warner Road to get out to deeper water and away from all the angling pressure. It paid off in spades with a number of nice walleye caught in 13 feet of water. This pattern was repeated yesterday with Gene Collins and friends headed out on snow machine. They landed 30 walleye, the largest 26 inches. Collins says the walleye were jammed full of one inch emerald shiners. Blade baits caught all the bigger fish.


Christmas came a bit early for me last week when I visited with Walter Saganski from Klass Tackle. Walter supplied me with his latest blade baits and given the success Gene Collins had with his….I can hardly wait to start getting into some big fish!
Check out his wild line of blade baits at