This what the weather should have been like! Beautiful, rugged country

 Chris with a nice bit of lumber

Hard to imagine but the wind was blowing even harder from the north when we woke up Sunday morning. As we left the dock at 10 a.m that morning I knew we wouldn’t be able to last long on the water with a wind chill of about minus three Celsius. We headed back to a sheltered bay were we had caught a few fish the day before. I decided to start trolling some shoreline in hopes of finding a school of fish but after 20 minutes with no takers I moved over to a shoreline point that had a long sand bar out to deeper water. There were also scattered vegetation at different sections of the bar which provided cover for both forage and some small perch.
In the three hours we fished in this spot we moved from shallower to deeper and found the most consistent action in fifteen to twenty feet of water. I was also marking vertical schools of perch in the deeper water. As soon as one of these schools was located, then we would start to catch pike and walleye immediately.
We also snagged a lot of rock and even some timber for good luck with our quarter ounce jigs. Berkley white finesse power minnows were the ticket on this day. While the wind was still stiff in this spot, it was slightly protected by shoreline making boat control manageable, especially with the tiller steering and splash guards. By using my GPS in combination with my depth finder, I was able to pinpoint the most productive spots, though the fish would move around in this areas somewhat. We ended catching a couple of nice bass, a bunch of feisty pike and a few walleye for good measure. Everyone caught fish which made enduring the tough weather a bit easier.

This part of the river has some great fishing and with high fast water this season, it was good all open water. Maureen and Vance Hrechkosy have a great place with 14 newly renovated cabins, boat rentals and river side docking. Vance, Maureen and their staff are always ready to share fishing information and make sure you are looked after.

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