PK Spoon fools some large ones!

 This jumbo fell for the PK Spoon on a lift and drop flutter.

Late fall is one of the best times of the year to find big smallmouth bass schooled up off of points at the mouth of bays. Most of the time, these fish are aggressive and love a piece of metal jigged in front of their face! Case in point was yesterday on Lake of the Woods, Ontario while fishing with top North American bass angler Jeff Gustafson. 

Jeff loves to catch both largemouth and smallmouth but the largies on this day were proving a bit difficult to catch. In order to keep us on fish Jeff would move out to deeper water every once in a while so we could catch a jumbo smallmouth.
 PK Spoon was catching everything!
 I had packed a PK Spoon just for such a contingency. Jeff caught the first smallmouth of the day on a jig but the PK spoon shone all day and caught some monster smallies. Kevin Stobbe also caught a couple nice smallmouth, but his were on a jig and shad bait. Most of the fish were in about 20 to 25 feet of water. From here on the fishing will only get better!

Kevin Stobbe gets in on the action!