Crankin Up the Heat

 Don and the Captain!
The sun broke out on day two of our trip and so did our spirits. Funny how a little sun can cheer things up and erase some of the disappointment of the day before.
Jim and I were in Boyd’s boat again as we headed back down to the river from Tobin Lake Resort where we were staying. A strong west wind made heading out to the big lake an impossibility.
 Jim taking a bit of a break
Given the success we had trolling yesterday (Jim!), we decided to put some time in today, fine tuning our baits and speed as well as depth. Both Jim and I had brought leadcore line along and I decided to switch to it from my Crystal Fireline. I wanted to get a smaller lure down to the fish and leadcore would enable me to do that. It’s one trend that both Jim and I have noticed over the last three years fishing at this time of year, that the smaller lures seem to be more effective overall.
 Flicker Shad on left and Flicker Minnow on the right
That was evident the previous day when Jim lost that monster of a fish at the end of the day on the #7 Flicker Shad, a fairly small lure that will dive down to about 21 feet on thin diameter Fireline. So I put on a #6 Flicker Minnow, the new bait from Berkley that has anglers raving. Since over the last few years, we have pretty good luck with pink jigs, I went for the Flicker Minnow that had a pink nose and chartreuse body. Boyd also found a lure that was catching fish, a perch coloured Live Target in a deep diver.
 Perch Live Target(stock photo-barbless on Tobin)
He had no trouble getting this lure to 21 feet on 100 feet of line. So we all had our baits down in the fish zone with three different profiles and all were catching fish. I ended the day with the largest walleye though, a beautiful fish that absolutely slammed my Flicker Minnow.

As in the previous day, we stayed until dark but the bite slowed down considerably later in the day.

One of the bonus features of the day was being able to witness an extremely rare event, the moon eclipsing the sun.  Check this photo out taken by friend Russ Heatherington.