I must apologize to my readers for falling down on the job with my fishing exploits.
I have taken a position as editor of Hooked Magazine and it has been very busy but extremely rewarding. I am currently working on the summer edition which will be out the first week in July. We have a special person on the front cover and I get the pleasure of interviewing this famous person! As a hint he loves to fish and hunt, plus play a bit of football.

I haven't forgotten to get out and fish though and have been on a couple of  great trips. I will tell you all about my visit in the next edition of the magazine under the Destination section.

I will also post shortly a story about a trip to Lake of the Woods  this week.
Here is a little preview.

Then this past month it was the unveiling of the provincial fish at the Fort Whyte Centre. Of course we all now know it was the wily walleye, the fish that has helped make Manitoba famous to anglers and food connoisseurs around the world. As Chairman of the selection committee, it wasn't a huge surprise that the walleye was chosen, given its status as table fair and its popularity as a sport fish. Still the mighty northern pike and the lake sturgeon had their share of support as well.  The walleye (or pickerel as it is known locally) had the highest percentage of votes in a poll conducted by the province.  It was this that helped convince Minister Mackintosh to name the walleye the provincial fish. The majority of anglers in this province target this species and many of our destinations involve catching this sport fish.