Tim Au- a leader on and off the court

Tim Au and the author holding a couple of beautiful greenback walleye
It’s not often that Tim Au gets an opportunity to get out of the gym in the fall time. As a highly respected high school volleyeball coach at Miles Macdonnell Collegiate in Winnipeg, Tim devotes much of his spare time to honing the skills of his players. When volleyball season winds down at the end of November, he then is almost full time with his young family, at least until spring rolls around. He then takes on his role as the organizer of the very successful Miles Mac Angling Club, This is where I come in. Tim contacted me four years ago when he first formed the club about helping out with some prizes and also some on the shore instruction. Since that time the angling club at Miles Mac has grown in popularity, much of which has to do with the energy Tim puts into this group.
Tim working with club members
I have had the opportunity to spend some time with his students and he does a great job getting the students to buy into not only the fishing but raising money for charity and doing shore line cleanups after their fishing outings to the Red River.

So when I offered to take Tim out fishing this past Sunday, he was able to spring some time to come with friend Pete Hiebert and I to Pine Falls. After launching the boat, we headed out to Traverse Bay only to find conditions on the edge. This was caused by a southeast wind that was gusting between 50 and 70 kilometres an hour!
Pete’s fifteen pound anchor was not going to hold in too many spots in these kinds of conditions but we did manage to get anchored in 12 feet of water on the edge of the main river channel. Here we landed one walleye and one pike. After no fish for twenty minutes we started to troll the flats out in the bay. In the first twenty minutes we caught two nice walleye on Berkley Flicker Shads in 12 feet of water but as the swells started to increase in size, we were the only boat left out in the middle of the bay.  Boat control became extremely difficult so we decided to head back into the river to a section called “The Chute”. Here we found plenty of current to go along with some shelter from a howling wind. We also found some hungry walleye and by the end of the day we had enough fish to make for a enjoyable day.

Thanks again Tim for all your hard work introducing young people to the sport of fishing!