Boyd with his first nice walleye
After two poor fall fishing trips in a row, we were a little apprehensive as we headed north to Tobin Lake this past week. While we were about three days earlier than the previous year, we hoped the weather would cooperate. Last year we fished every day with wind chill in the minus 12 Celsius range, a bone chilling experience that would have been almost bearable if the fishing had been good. After a smooth trip up to the Tobin Lake resort, the weather forecast gave us hope for at least three days of decent conditions.
A moderate northwest wind was blowing as we headed the eight miles across Tobin Lake to the mouth of the Saskatchewan River as it enters this massive reservoir.
 Jim gets a nice one on the pink jig
Fishing reports from other anglers we knew indicated that there were some walleye being caught in this last stretch of river. Boyd Holmen was once again the Captain of Jim Price and I, a combination that had been together for a number of years on this particular trip. This year though, we were fishing in real comfort, a brand new 20 foot Yar Craft that was outfitted with all the tools needed to catch fish. Boyd had top of the line electronics front and back to go with Minn Kota electric troll motors. A Mercury four stroke provided the main power and a pro kicker made trolling very simple.

Boyd decided that we would try jigging first to see how the bite was. Pretty good as it turned out! We caught about 20 walleye on our first long drift, with fish hitting 3/8 ounce jigs tipped with salted shiners. Jim and I stuck with our pink jigs and Boyd had a nice glow green. It was pretty impressive how hard these walleye were hitting the jigs…some so hard that they almost ripped the rod out of your hand. After cleaning a few of these walleye we realized why.
Start of the trolling run
Their stomachs were full of small shiner minnows, schools of which showed up as clouds on Boyd’s depthfinder.  Nine pounds was the biggest fish caught with jigs this particular day. At the end of the day we tried trolling with cranks and we caught seven more fish before calling it a day. Our fish total for this day was about 90 walleye, more fish than we caught in our trip the previous year.
 Boyd with last fish of the day on Cotten Cordell crank