Slowdown on the Red

Inspired by the great fishing we had on the Thanksgiving Monday, I headed back out Thursday on the Red River. I was a little apprehensive on the conditions though, since the drawdown of the river in the city had begun and this usually slowed the fishing for a few days until conditions stabilize. After trying the Miracle Mile and Doc Reeds plus a couple of hours with boat in gear on some extended trolling runs, I only saw two walleye caught and neither were in our boat. Many a wily old river veteran will tell you that is the time to head north were the water has not been as affected both in clarity and current speed. It also didn’t hurt that a north wind was flushing some water into the river at the north end.

Sure enough we never caught a walleye until we moved down river north of Selkirk. Finding a nice point we anchored in 12 feet of water and dropped down some ¼ ounce jigs tipped with Berkley finesse minnows tipped with salted shiners. In no time at all we had landed seven nice walleye from three to five in the afternoon. Afterwards on shore, most of the fisherman I talked to at Selkirk Park had only caught sauger south. Hopefully conditions will settle down again this week with the gradual draw down of the river not having as much of an impact.