Moak Lodge Day Four:
The captain keys in on the big fish

Given the wide variety of angling opportunities out of this resort, it was no wonder that all three boats decided to try different species on the last day of our trip. Pete, Phil and I decided to head out for rainbows on Footprint Lake. Jim and his crew were to try walleyes in the river, and then switch over to rainbows later in the day. Meantime Boyd and the Carrot River crew
Perry had his big fish stroke on
decided to try and pattern the big walleye on Cross Bay.
By noon with two small rainbows caught, we headed back to the cabin for lunch and a switch over to walleye on Cross Bay. The wind was manageable so about two p.m we headed to meet up with Boyd and the crew. We found them drifting the edge of main lake sunken island. Boyd had the front troll motor down as was using it to position is brand new Yar Craft along the edge of the drop in water that ranged from 22 to 29 feet. Any shallower on this reservoir and you are going to donate a lot of tackle to the logs and other debris that clutter the bottom.
The new Yar Craft catches fish!

 Still there were plenty of walleye scattered at this depth and Boyd, Russ and especially Perry had been slamming some big fish. They had landed two fish in the eight pound range, three in the seven pound category and quite a few just under that range. Most of the fish had come on a real small spinner rig with tandem hooks, small orange or chartreuse blade with either ribbon leeches or nightcrawlers. 
Russ lands a Master Angler
One of the keys was using a longer snell on the rig to drag that bait fairly close to the bottom. A medium heavy bottom bouncer kept the line angle at 45 degrees, a key in controlling the presentation. The boys quickly tuned us in, and we started catching walleye right away. While the fishing was not hot and heavy it was challenging with lots of fish landed over the remainder of the day. When we marked a fish off the bottom two feet on my Humminbird depthfinder we would catch it.

Meantime Jim and the boys ended up the day at Footprint with one master angler fish for their efforts.
Next on the blog, a summary of our trip!
A successful day on Cross Bay!