Moak Lodge Summary

Moak Lodge Summary
Over the last six years I have made the journey four times this area, all with great results. While on this trip we did not catch as many trophy pike as we had in past years, part of it could be attributed to water temperature.
 Dan and the boys in a downpour!

 Surface water temperature was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and I believe a lot of those big pike were still deeper than 20 feet of water and fairly scattered.
Still there was a 52 inch pike caught there this year and that would get anyone’s attention!
The walleye meantime, were still relating to main lake structure and points. While scattered, they would bite when you found them.
As for the river, it seems in September larger walleye move in from the lake to the river as the water temperatures dip a bit and you get a run smelt and shiners. We caught a number of walleye in the range from 20-22 inches, nice fish that fought hard. There is no doubt though, that Cross Bay has plenty of big walleye. This past year was one of the best on record for Master Angler fish.
 Pete with another fish!
As for Footprint, we have not really tested the water enough to pass judgment. It does not seem as good in the last two years as in the past but there are plenty of smaller recently stocked fish to keep the action up.
All in all the more I fish this area, the more excited I am about the fishery.
Chris and Terry do a great job of running Moak Lodge and are great hosts.

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Jim with a Footprint rainbow