Moak Lodge day Two

Moak Lodge Day Two:
a healthy Grand Rapids walleye!
 As we rolled out of bed on the Friday we were greeted by overcast skies with a stiff east wind blowing through the treetops. We had all decided we were going to the fish the Saskatchewan River in Grand Rapids, so the big wind did not faze us. Still when we launched our boats that morning, four foot swells met us as we motored out to the mouth were it emptied into Lake Winnipeg. With a current that was screaming down river, combined with the massive waves rolling in from the lake, it was amazing to witness the power of this water. We tied on 1 ounce bottom bouncers along with spinner rigs to start. Orange blades seemed to do the trick this day and we had no trouble catching walleye after walleye. As the morning wore on we fine tuned our drifts, with the majority of the bigger walleye coming in a bit deeper water, at about the 14 foot mark.  It’s not always easy finding this much water closer to the dam, but most of the good fish seemed to be holding halfway between the dam and the bridge over the river on Highway # 6. At about 11 a.m I told Pete and Phil that it was time to get on some crankbaits so we started trolling #7 and #9 Shad coloured Berkley Frenzies. This immediately started producing some walleye in the 20-22 inch range with the largest fish landed at about six pounds. About noon, I got a call on my cell from the Carrot River crew. They had just arrived in Grand Rapids and were eager to know how the fishing was. Hard to imagine it could be any better I thought as we brought in another triple header of walleye.

A short time later though, the skies darkened with the arrival of a massive storm front. It didn’t take us long to figure it was time to head back the ranch. So a short time later we were back at the cabin, trying to tarp the boat when the skies opened. Three hours later about two inches of rain had fallen. Luckily everyone managed to stay relatively dry and we spent the time visiting.