Fishing from shore in northern Manitoba

Rain followed friend Pete Hiebert and I as we headed up Highway # 6 to Thompson, Manitoba this past week. That was a good thing after a dry spring had made the north tinder dry. A fire near York Landing was to force evacuation of the community on our trip, thus canceling our visit there as part of the Provincial Rod and Reel program. Fortunately on Wednesday, after hooking up with Dale Jonasson from Manitoba Hydro we were able to visit the communities of Gillam and Fox Lake. After our visits Dale took us to two nearby rivers which emptied into the mighty Nelson River. One our first stop, some shallow rapids produced some decent northern pike fishing. On our second stop, we found a stack of fish, mostly pike, that darted out of the rock boulders to grab our swim baits. Hard to imagine we were only a couple of hundred miles from Hudson Bay!