Catfish will bite!

Gary with a beauty!

High water hasn't stopped the hardcore anglers from hitting the shores of the Red River. Here is a report from Gary Schewe.
"It was good to be back fishing on the Red River.I've been working in Sask. for the past year so it was good to be back home again. The current was wild near the locks,but if you could get near the shoreline without a lot of debris in your way,you had a fighting chance of landing a fish. Using a single kahle number 5 hook,fresh sucker meat and a lot of sinker weight(up to 12ozs),the deed was done to catch a lot of nice cats with the largest around the 38" mark.
 Gary with a bonus bowling ball!
The surprise of the day was when I snagged a 12lb. Bowling ball near shore. Can you believe it Don, you never know what lurks in the depths of the Red river."