Winter Walleye

The pursuit of winter walleye on Lake Winnipeg and the Red River has become a huge tourism industry in this province. More and more anglers from all over North America (and overseas) are coming to Manitoba to experience ice fishing for the greenback walleye. Even my dentist, who has a place at Gimli and has never ice fished before,  has caught the fever.This winter so far, ice conditions on the southwest basin of Lake Winnipeg are excellent with minimal snow and relatively smooth driving conditions.

As for the Red River, ice conditions are still variable and caution is required. Some anglers have been walking out and some driving. There is always a comfort level out there. For travel on the big lake a snowmobile and sled are always preferred. On the Red in many places you can access with a pull sled and a relatively short walk.
According to all reports there is some really good fishing to be had in both the river and the lake.

Here are some pictures from years past that have ended with some awfully big fish being caught with many of my friends...hopefully this will inspire you to get a trophy walleye this winter.