Finding the walleye

Sunshine again greeted us the next day as we headed out early to visit the Clear Lake Golf Course. Unfortunately the restaurant overlooking the 9th green was closed for business, a very disappointing turn of events. Heading back into town at 7:30 in the morning we were only able to find a cup of coffee and a bagel to sustain us to the 9th hole. As we teed off, I ran into a retired teacher who had coached against me when I was a player in High School at Windsor Park Collegiate. Maybe that is why I couldn’t get the ball out of the woods and off the ground on #1. No worries, the course was in great shape as usual and a good time was had by all. After the lunch we grabbed a quick lunch at the 9th hole concession and headed out back on the lake determined to catch some walleye.
Double D's with a nice walleye
 We started out with a shoreline drift, aided by a southwest wind that allowed us to drift at a moderate speed. Our first walleye of the day came to the boat in the first fifteen minutes, a positive start to the day. With nothing going on for another twenty minutes I headed the boat out to the main lake. Watching my depthfinder I noticed a quick rise in depth in an area I had not fished before. Sure enough as I slowed down I could see fish holding off the side of the drop off in 29 feet of water. Quickly marking the spot on my GPS I moved over the area slowly to see what kind of structure I was dealing with. It turned out to be an extended shoreline point that dropped off to the main lake basin. It was also well away from any other anglers that were out on the lake.

That's what we were looking for!
With a decent walleye chop happening I backed the boat with my big motor along the edge of the drop, slowly dragging our live bait rigs through the fish. Don D and I had on night crawlers and Al and Tim were using leeches. When Al landed his second walleye of the day I quickly switched over to a leech and a #8 hook. That seemed to do the trick and in the next two hours we landed seven walleye, the biggest a solid 25 inches. We also were checked by the RCMP to see if I had my boat operators card (which I did) and all the proper safety equipment and life jackets (which I did) .

At about five oclock I suggested to my friends that we should try our luck with the pike again. Since the action had been so good the previous day they all were pumped to go back.

Tim had no trouble catching pike

Pulling up to the one of three GPS waypoints I had marked we were once again into a great pike bite!

What a way to end the trip with three great friends.

Another healthly Clear Lake Pike