Cross Bay Day Two:
As we rolled out of bed the next morning, we could hear the waves crashing along the shoreline below our cabin.  Walking the short distance to the boat launch at Moak Lake Lodge did not change anything. It was going to be a walleye fishing day at Grand Rapids. As we loaded the boats and headed back down the gravel road to launch in town, we wondered how big the waves would be on the Saskatchewan River. As it turns out the west wind that was blowing had increased the current flow in the river dramatically. At this time of the year with warmer water temperatures that was a good thing.
Boyd hooks another walleye in the river
After launching the two boats, we voted to run crankbaits into the current flow while Russ, who was piloting the other boat, decided to drift the river with bottom bouncers and spinner rigs. As it turns out Russ and the guys landed 12 walleye on their first drift while we hit 8 walleye on the cranks.

Jim holding the boat into current

Hezzy with nice silver bass!

We were using the larger Berkley Flicker Shads in two different colours. Jim and Bob had on the natural shad colour and I was using a chartreuse. Both got the job done even in the strong flow.  I must admit I have not found a better bait when fished at fast speed or heavy flow. These baits just run true right out of the box and only spin out when debris or weed chunks get on the hooks or bill. It was hard to say which boat caught the most fish this day but by two oclock we had caught enough walleye to make us very tired!

An average sized walleye from the river