Cross Bay Day 3
This is what Cross Bay is all about!

It had rained all night but the skies were starting to clear as we downed our first cup of coffee at 7 in the morning. The weather was still unsettled though and the wind had now turned to the northwest. Big waves were once again piling up along the shore. Disappointed we decided to head to the river for a half day, then come back for lunch and see if things had calmed at all.

Bobber waiting to go down

By two o’clock things had calmed somewhat but Russ and the other boat had opted to stay walleye fishing. Not us, both Jim and I knew that if we could get to the other side of Cross Bay the fish would be biting.  After launching Jim slowly took us into the big rollers. 

About half way across we were able to get the boat on plan and side slip the rollers at good speed. In no time we were back in pike land with the huge bay all to ourselves. No one else had braved the waves this day.
Action was better when sun came out!

 We were also relatively protected in this bay from that wind direction setting up a perfect drift pattern. Once we hit a productive spot, Jim would mark it on his GPS and we would then pattern our drifts which lasted about ten minutes. 

Once again we used our slipfloats to great effect with many large fish landed, the biggest Jim’s beautiful 43 incher. For more information on Moak Lodge visit their website at