It was a bright sunny mid June day on Lake of the Woods with a 20 kilometre west wind providing the perfect walleye chop. Friend Peter Hiebert, who lives south of Winnipeg, had invited me out for the day to try some of his favourite walleye spots on the northwest corner of this massive body of water. After launching at Pye’s landing with headed into Ptarmigan bay to try and find some schooled up fish. Our first stop was an extended sand flat next to some deep water and beside a channel. Unfortunately not much was showing on the Humminbird depth finder. The fish we marked in twenty five feet of water did bite though and we had our first walleye in the boat. After twenty minutes without another bite, we headed back north among the myriad of islands in this section of the lake. Our next stop was a shallow gravel ridge between two islands. We once again tried to work the edge of the drop off with jigs. Pete had a minnow on his and I had on a ribbon leech. Pete once again struck first, landing a beautiful chunky 24 inch fish. Meantime I had a vicious strike, but missed the fish. Another twenty minutes went past so we moved shallower next to point on side were the wind was blowing up on the island. Bingo, three more walleye came to the boat. Two of these fish, though had come on bottom bouncer and spinner rigs.

Pete with Lake of the Woods walleye!

After a relaxing shore lunch of fresh walleye prepared on the Coleman stove, we hoped around a few more spots with limited success. Checking out the map on his deptfinder I suggested we try a huge flat at the start of a bay. On our first drift with jigs, we caught a couple of smaller walleye on the side of the drop off in 21 feet of water. Turning the boat into the wind we continued to explore this big piece of structure. As the sun started to dip down in the west we hit the jackpot. Moving up into sixteen feet on a shallow rock pile, we started catching one fish after another using nightcrawlers and jigs, the largest almost 26 inches. What had been a slow day turned into one pretty good day!