Tobin Lake Day Two

Day Two:

Jimmy with a ten

No frost on the boat this morning with a brisk wind blowing out of the northwest. After a hearty breakfast we headed west to the mouth of Saskatchewan River as it emptied into Tobin Lake. Last fall on this stretch we had some of the best walleye fishing any of us had ever experienced. What was it to be like this year? First thing on order was to use the electronics to see if we could mark any major schools of walleye in the deeper water. This turned out to be a major disappointment the whole trip as we never marked the numbers of bait or walleye the whole four days than we had last year. We decided that we had to cover a whole lot of water and our first drift from the Eaglenest to the main lake was about two miles in length. Only two small walleyes came to the boat. This was to continue on until about three in the afternoon when at the start of a drift Jim hooked into a real big fish on a pink jig tipped with a minnow.
Bulldogging down this fish took Jim all around the boat. Finally getting the net under the fish, we celebrated our first really big fish of the day. Boyd scaled the walleye at 10 pounds, four ounces, a real nice fish in anyone’s book. Not five minutes later Jim hooked another toad on the same drift. This one didn’t quite match up, weighing 8 pounds, two ounces. Still the space of five hundred yards and ten minutes Jim had caught and landed our two largest fish of the day. We stayed until dark this day and started trolling crankbaits a half hour before sunset. It was relatively successful this day with three good fish landed, mine the largest at just less than eight pounds caught on a Bomber Long A with a red head and white body. It was the one that got away that was the real story on this day. I had a monster fish on the second pass but with three lines out you never know if you are going to get hooked up in another line.
Good friends and a nice fish!

In this case, the big fish had taken off about fifty feet of line after hookup running back into Jim’s line, who was fishing the middle of the boat. Trying to get his lure in, he wrapped around my line. I was at a standstill, I couldn’t reel in anymore and the fish was still on the end of the line. Jim held my line as he tried to cut of his lure but unfortunately slack was created when he freed his lure. The monster at other end then had slack and with barbless hooks as is the law on Tobin the fish got off. Ouch! Jim was very apologetic but such is life when you fish in the dark.