Day Three on Tobin Lake

Traditionally Day Three on Tobin has been a big one, both for big fish and numbers. We have had by that time, time to figure out where the majority of the fish are holding in the river. Not so this year but we had only spent one day on the river though and figured we better to look around to see if we were missing anything. Captain Boyd headed upriver, past the White Rock to the stretch called Grassy. After a quick drift and no fish, we head up past the regional park at Nipawin to the old railway bridge. Here we managed to land three walleye, the biggest, about five pounds, on a live bait rig and leech, the staple of many an angler on this stretch of river. We then headed up to the dam to have a look for old times’ sake. The water was boiling pretty good so we decided to head back down river to see what was happening. Near the mouth we finally found a good school of walleye by using the electronics and we sat on them with jigs and minnows. We caught a number of nice fish in a short period of time,. We figured we would also be able to crank up some of these fish given the conditions, with a clear sky allowing the walleye to silhouette the baits. After cranking from the lake all the way up the Eaglenest we managed to land four nice walleye the biggest close to eight pounds which I once again hooked on the Bomber A with a red nose and white body. It was a good way to end a tough day.

A clear sky added up to a decent night bite
 Meantime our friends Russ and Dale were finding it tough slugging as well. Last year on this day three, Russ landed a monster fifteen pound 8 ounce fish.
This is why you fish Tobn Lake!