Tips for catching fall Red River Greenbacks

By most accounts fishing has been pretty good this fall on the Red River north of Lockport Manitoba. A variety of techniques have been working, including trolling crankbaits into the current. Veteran Red River walleye fisherman say if you have an option of when to come out to fish the Red, wait for days when the north wind is blowing. It’s been proven over the years that when Lake Winnipeg flushes water into the river and backs it up to Lockport that the walleye fishing is substantially better. Given the forecast of a huge north wind for today and tomorrow, this could be the week to catch your trophy.
Anchoring in the Red is a time honoured tradition and most big walleye are caught this way. It does help to have two anchors if at all possible. Put your heavier anchor off the front and drop a lighter anchor off the back to prevent your boat from moving back and forth with the current surges. Some anglers will drop two anchors at the same time in order to get their boat sideways into the current. This allows anglers in the boat to spread out their lures,covering more area. Jig size will vary at this time of year depending on wind direction and current flow. Many veteran anglers of the Red fall walleye run will pound a heavy jig off the bottom to attract fish from a distance away. Many also bulk up their jigs with some kind of power bait over the shank of the hook, then add a couple of salted shiners over the back point of the hook. Since it is barbless your best option is to take an elastic band and cut it in short pieces. Once your bait is on your hook, add the piece of elastic over the point of the hook to keep your minnows on. I will sometimes hook my two minnows through the eyes for more action. Other times you can put the point of the hook through the mouth of the minnow, down through the gills , turning the minnow over to make sure the point of the hook then goes through the main body of the bait. This will help with short striking fish especially, eliminating the need for a trail or stinger hook. Vary your action with the jig, remembering that in heavier current conditions, fish will tight to the bottom and in shallower water. When current flow is slow, trying working deeper water along the main channel. If you can anchor on a channnel break with one angler shallower and the other deeper it will increase your odds of catching fish.
Anglers from shore are also reporting excellent success in the stretch of river between Lockport and Selkirk.