Big Sand Lake, Day Four

Day Four:
8 A.M It’s our turn for Katimiwi Lake again but the weather is not the best. Rain and a cold north wind greet us as we head across the lake this time up a set of rapids that the jet drive has no problem with. Mark wants to try another set of rapids for walleye to get the shore lunch out of the way. While we catch two we can’t seem to find a good school of fish. The real reason we are here though, is to catch a master angler pike. Mark is confident that the two bays in this section of the lake will produce. As we drift into the first, I hook a small pike immediately on my fly rod. One more cast and one more small pike. That’s not really a good sign as small fish usually don’t hang around BIG fish. As we work the whole bay, my prediction is correct, no big fish are in the bay right now. The wind direction though was piling cold water in that bay, a sure kiss of death at this time of the year.
11 A.M With the wind picking up in intensity, I ask Mark if we can troll the rapids that were a little further down. Without a depthfinder on this boat, it was guesswork as to what trolling run to use. We did start catching fish right away but these were really small pike, in the hammer handle category!
11:30 A.M My friend Pete is cold and miserable and tired so we head back to the lodge for lunch. This proves to be a bit of miscommunication as the other boats head to an island and cook up a big shore lunch despite the miserable conditions.
1 P.M. After warming up in the lodge with hot soup and a big sandwich Peter decides to pack it in. Mark asks me if I want to head back to Katimiwi for a little walleye action. I lend Mark a rod and we head east once again to another shallow mud bottom bay, one other guide boat there before us. We started to fan cast the bay and with overcast conditions the walleye were up and cruising. Using a small Northland Thumper jig with a double tail, the action was hot and heavy. In the three hours we stayed we must have caught thirty walleye, most in the three to four pound range, just a whole lot of fun. By four thirty we decided to head back, finally tired of the weather but not of the outstanding fishing.