Plannng makes economic sense

Rising fuel costs are having a fairly significant impact on the sport fishing industry in Manitoba. From the angler who wants to hook up the boat to head out to his or her favourite fishing hole to the company that wants to plan a corporate fishing adventure, people are being much more selective in their travels. They also are much more reluctant to head some where if they don’t think the fish are biting or the weather is going to be lousy!
Anglers are also making sure they don’t head out alone if they can help it. Long trips are being planned with a couple of friends to share the rising costs. Day trips are now closer to home with shore fishing as a popular alternative.
I am very thankful I downsized my fishing boat and motor a few years back, making it much more economical to travel and fish once I arrive.
My four stroke Yamaha outboard is a miser on gas, with a full tank of gas lasting me a whole week of almost constant use on our family vacation every year. In fact with all the fishing I do, my gas bill dropped dramatically when I starting using a four stroke outboard. My eighteen foot boat is also fairly easy to trail behind the vehicle with a cover on the boat and the box on my truck again increasing that fuel efficiency. I also rely a lot on my cheapest source of energy, my gel cell trolling batteries. They will last a solid two days of constant use before they need to be recharged. Here is something else to consider, on long trips to drive-to lodges that rent boats, it might be cheaper alternative rather than trailering your own boat. Fishing from a float tube can also be a lot of fun and it is a pretty darn inexpensive way to go. I own a couple of these cool little crafts so I can bring a friend along. Insulated waders keep the cold water at bay and allow you to fish in almost any weather on smaller bodies of water.
Of course on fly-in adventures the equipment is there for you to use, a consideration that is making these kind of adventures more attractive than they have for years. In conversation with some lodge owners in the province, they are seeing a fairly dramatic rise in Canadian clientele.
This is also the case with drive-to lodges close to Winnipeg. More and more people are booking in for three or four day trips, easing the cost of getting to and from their destination by increasing the length of their stay. This is especially true for families who have been saving for one such trip each summer. Our family time spent at the lake the same week each year is special, something that we plan and save for.