Ice fishing for the students

Wayne Desjarlais has been a teacher at the Ebb and Flow School for almost twenty years. Recently he contacted friend Garry Gurke of Nueltin Fly-In Lodges to see if I would come up and do a seminar on ice fishing for the students at the school.
Located on Highway Number Fifty on the west shore of Lake Manitoba, this community has always enjoyed the bountiful supply of fish that swim in this huge shallow lake. Wayne was first introduced to sport fishing as a young boy when his father took him out any time he could. Wayne has transferred that passion on to his sons and to the community as a whole. Each year he and other members of the community organize a large ice fishing derby in March . This year the event will be held March Twenty First . Tickets and registration are available at the towns new community hall.
Through the Provincial Rod and Reel program and the Fisheries Enhancement Fund we were able to supply four hundred and fifty ice fishing rod and reel combos to the students of the school from Grades One all the way to Twelve. As well for the younger students they received a copy of Carol Szuminsky’s book, Andrew Goes Fishing, a made in Manitoba publication that outlines the great angling opportunities for people in this province.
Ebb and Flow was the twenty second community to receive a visit in the last five years as part of this provincial initiative. Gurke is passionate in his believe in the importance of this outreach in keeping young people connected with the outdoors. As part of the presentation the students learn about fish biology, the environment and stewardship.