Friday, October 17, 2014

Huge walleye caught in Winnipeg!

Local angler Joel Magnifico caught the fish of a lifetime this week while wetting his line by his home on Lyndale Drive in Winnipeg.
 “I was using cut Goldeye, and I fish the area quite frequently since it's down the street from my house. At first I thought I was reeling in a decent sized catfish but once it decided to briefly show itself, my heart immediately started to race. I ditched the rod and jumped to/in The water and heaved it on shore. I have never seen a fish like it before.”

The walleye measured 84 centimetres (33 inches) and on a portable scale is weighed 6.8 kilograms.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

PK Spoon fools some large ones!

 This jumbo fell for the PK Spoon on a lift and drop flutter.

Late fall is one of the best times of the year to find big smallmouth bass schooled up off of points at the mouth of bays. Most of the time, these fish are aggressive and love a piece of metal jigged in front of their face! Case in point was yesterday on Lake of the Woods, Ontario while fishing with top North American bass angler Jeff Gustafson. 

Jeff loves to catch both largemouth and smallmouth but the largies on this day were proving a bit difficult to catch. In order to keep us on fish Jeff would move out to deeper water every once in a while so we could catch a jumbo smallmouth.
 PK Spoon was catching everything!
 I had packed a PK Spoon just for such a contingency. Jeff caught the first smallmouth of the day on a jig but the PK spoon shone all day and caught some monster smallies. Kevin Stobbe also caught a couple nice smallmouth, but his were on a jig and shad bait. Most of the fish were in about 20 to 25 feet of water. From here on the fishing will only get better!

Kevin Stobbe gets in on the action!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fishing with Gussy!

I was out on Lake of the Woods today with one of the best bass anglers in Canada and in North America. Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson took time out of his busy schedule to take Hooked Magazine owner and publisher Kevin Stobbe and myself out for a day on the water. Jeff is a busy guy, so his commitment to a day in the boat was much appreciated. It was a beautiful morning as we launched the boat at Pye’s landing on the northeast end of the lake.
Certainly way out of line for this time of the year. Jeff was determined to try and catch a largemouth, his favourite fish, but as is fate, this was not the day to catch them. Try as Jeff did, not one came to the boat. Having said that, the smallmouth kept saying to Jeff, catch me please.
And catch some jumbos we did. Most were caught on small jigging spoons in 23 feet of water…and they were large!

Jeff now has some time to recuperate before he starts planning another FLW tour and his many other time commitments. Thanks again Jeff for taking us out, much appreciated.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It was a cold west wind blowing, a continuation of the trend for the last week. The only difference that it wasn't
Friend Bryan Gray with a nice walleye
 from the north and temperatures were slightly higher than the two Celsius we had been getting. After launching at Selkirk Park, we headed south to see if any fish had moved down river closer to Lockport. While we saw a lot of catfish busting the surface chasing bait, we did not get a bite in the three hours we tried in that section. I marked quite a few fish in 16 feet of water, but not takers, not even a sauger. The water was real dirty, full of leaves and debris and the current was reasonably strong, but not out of control.  I believe water quality was the difference here. Which meant the boat went on the trailer and we headed down to launch at the End of Main. While the road is full of potholes and muddy in spots, as long as you take your time all is good. Use the right side, or east side of the launch. This side is a little steeper on the drop. We tried a few different spots in the four hours we fished this end, but the only action we saw was in a section known as the cut, about a five minute boat ride north. About  ten boats were anchored on the edge of the
 Anchoring properly was the this American angler has two anchors down and his troll motor to control swing!
drop from about 12 to 16 feet and fish were being caught by almost all of them. Small jigs and shiner minnows were the ticket but boat anchoring was the key. A straight sideways anchor with no swing was the key. I had two anchors and my troll motor on the back of the boat down to prevent any swing. This allowed a real precise sweep and drop of the jig, which was the key in triggering the bites this day. Some big fish in the 8 to 10 pound range were landed…but patience is the key. You have to remember, most  times the Red  is not about numbers, but real big walleye!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This what the weather should have been like! Beautiful, rugged country

 Chris with a nice bit of lumber

Hard to imagine but the wind was blowing even harder from the north when we woke up Sunday morning. As we left the dock at 10 a.m that morning I knew we wouldn’t be able to last long on the water with a wind chill of about minus three Celsius. We headed back to a sheltered bay were we had caught a few fish the day before. I decided to start trolling some shoreline in hopes of finding a school of fish but after 20 minutes with no takers I moved over to a shoreline point that had a long sand bar out to deeper water. There were also scattered vegetation at different sections of the bar which provided cover for both forage and some small perch.
In the three hours we fished in this spot we moved from shallower to deeper and found the most consistent action in fifteen to twenty feet of water. I was also marking vertical schools of perch in the deeper water. As soon as one of these schools was located, then we would start to catch pike and walleye immediately.
We also snagged a lot of rock and even some timber for good luck with our quarter ounce jigs. Berkley white finesse power minnows were the ticket on this day. While the wind was still stiff in this spot, it was slightly protected by shoreline making boat control manageable, especially with the tiller steering and splash guards. By using my GPS in combination with my depth finder, I was able to pinpoint the most productive spots, though the fish would move around in this areas somewhat. We ended catching a couple of nice bass, a bunch of feisty pike and a few walleye for good measure. Everyone caught fish which made enduring the tough weather a bit easier.

This part of the river has some great fishing and with high fast water this season, it was good all open water. Maureen and Vance Hrechkosy have a great place with 14 newly renovated cabins, boat rentals and river side docking. Vance, Maureen and their staff are always ready to share fishing information and make sure you are looked after.

Check out their website at

Monday, October 6, 2014


We had been planning this trip for a long time so even a bit of miserable weather was not going to stop us. Unfortunately it did slow us down!
 My wife Thora lands a nice bass
We hooked up the boat at 7 p.m Friday night and drove the two hours it takes to get to Pointe du Bois from Winnipeg. We managed to avoid a porcupine on the last leg of our trip, just before we arrived at Trail End Camp. Along on the trip was my wife, her sister and husband, all keen to get some fresh air out of the big city. And fresh it was, snow lining the side of the highway as we arrived just before ten p.m.
 Harpa trying to tie a jig on with frozen hands
Getting a fire going in the cabin was first priority and after a couple games of crib we called it a night. Saturday was just as cold and the wind was blowing hard from the northwest about 35 kilometres an hour gusting to about 50. We launched the boat and headed out about 10 a.m. I had been planning on trying to find areas out of the wind, but this proved a bit tough with the wind swirling around from every direction. After six hard hours of fishing in a number of different areas, I had determined what didn’t work! We had jigged for walleye, but caught mostly bass and pike… the bass in 10 feet of water and the pike a bit deeper, mostly 15 to 20 feet. We did catch some walleye but they were at all depths. We trolled big crankbaits for pike in necked down areas, deep humps and current areas with little success. We did however, catch fish by downsizing our crankbaits, to the #9 Berkley Flicker Shad, including some nice bass. While we had enough fish for supper it proved a tough day.

 Shore lunch with some sun, Cold sandwiches!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fishing with a Magician!

The Magician in his office!
With the forecast set for a high of 28 Celius with sunshine, it was time to head to Lake of the Woods this Friday to catch up with an old friend. Brent Kruger has been guiding out of Kenora, Ontario for more than 20 years so I knew that Hooked Publisher Kevin Stobbe and I would be in for a great time with the Fishin Magician as he calls his guide service. While he only now spends weekends on the water  because of a regular job, he can still be counted on to catch fish, lots of them! So this Saturday we hit the water at first light and had a bunch of fish in the boat before the sun was over the trees.

 In fact the fishing was so good we finished our day by one p.m. and spent a leisurely 
afternoon relaxing on the dock. Brent put us on some crappies early as well as walleye but on our second spot we got into some great walleye fishing. It was at an entrance to a big shallow bay, a flush area with some water moving between two sections of the lake. 

We started fishing jigs and minnows in 22 feet of water and immediately were into a double header. A short time later, Brent hooked into a real big fish. Controlling the boat into the wind with the front troll motor, he expertly guide this big walleye into the waiting net. Measuring 29 inches, this was the largest fish caught this day. 

We did, however catch a lot of nice walleye, a great day on the water in perfect conditions. We also managed to land a few crappies, the largest at 14 inches.

Brent has also designed a great top water lure called the “Skid Stick” a very effective top water bait for all species of fish. Check out his website at